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Finding The Best Attorney For Your Money

Choosing the best attorney to represent you is an important decision. You likely have no experience with legal matters and similarly little experience with attorneys. What you already know is that they cost a lot of money. You may have considered handling your legal problems on your own, but found that it was too complicated. So you are now ready to trust your problem in the hands of a professional, but you have no idea what to expect, and what is a worthwhile use of your time. This article will help you find the best attorney for your money:

General Things You Should Expect Of Your Attorney

1. The best attorney should be in regular communication.

Attorneys work for you, so you should expect that they will keep you in the loop. Your attorney should be regularly contacting you, or letting you know that you will not hear from him for a set time for a specific reason. You shouldn't expect daily contact or contact multiple times per week, but you should be in regular contact with your attorney. Keep in mind that it costs money to speak to your attorney, so they may be doing you a favor by limiting their contact. As a general rule, you should expect contact from your attorney every week or so, unless there has been a discussion that states otherwise.

2. The best attorney should be explaining the case to you so you understand.

Legal matters are complicated. You likely already know that. Domestic and criminal matters affect your entire life. For important matters like these, you deserve to know what is going on, and what your options are. After all, you will be living with the consequences of these actions, not your attorney. When your attorney calls you, you should understand what is expected of you, what is happening, and what you may need to do.
A good attorney will let you know your options and include you in the process. The best attorney will work to explain it in a way you understand so you feel confident.

3. The best attorney will try to do what's best for you.

You've heard it many times. "My attorney wasted all this time running up bills that accomplished nothing." You should be concerned that your money is being used in a worthwhile fashion. You should know that there are no guarantees in law. No matter how strong you or your attorney may feel your case is, unless you settle, the decision is out of your hands. Your attorney cannot read the mind of the jury nor the judge. Losing a hearing is not a good reason to doubt your attorney's skill. A good attorney will make good choices with respect to strategy. The best attorney will also make sure you understand what your current options are and tell you both sides.
You should expect from your attorney to know why you are going to any given hearing, and why they are making their arguments. You should understand why they are not including information that may be important to you. Your attorney should explain these things to you.

Important Things You Should Expect Of Your Criminal Law Attorney

1. The best criminal law attorney will not make you feel pressured into a decision.

In an criminal case there will always be the choice of whether you should take a deal or go to trial. A good attorney will explain the details of a given plea deal and whether they think it is good. The best attorney will make sure that you know all of the options. Your attorney should not make you feel pressured into taking a deal. You may feel pressure by virtue of the decision (it's an important decision), but the attorney should respect that it's your decision to make. If your attorney is threatening to leave you unless you take a deal, it's time to find another attorney. You shouldn't feel like your attorney is going to walk out on you at such a critical time.

2. The best criminal law attorney will be working on your image.

In any criminal case, your image can sometimes be more important than the facts. Jurors will unconsciously (or consciously) judge you based on how you look. A prosecutor will judge you based on your history. Good attorneys make compelling arguments. The judge, jury and prosecutor will see a human being with the best attorney. You should expect your attorney to be giving you advice as to how to best structure your life so as to present the best case for leniency and mercy. You should expect your attorney to listen to your story and to bring out the real you.

Important Things You Should Expect Of Your Family Law Attorney

1. The best family law attorney will care about your case.

Family law is difficult not only for you, but for attorney as well. The emotional toll is significant on both of you. Many family attorneys shut down and cut themselves off to cope with this reality. A good attorney will exhibit all of the qualities above. The best attorney, however, will lift you up and make you feel you're not alone during this difficult time. You should expect of your attorney that they recognize your pain and do not treat it lightly. You will feel that they respect what you're going through.

2. The best family law attorney will be able to look at your case holistically.

Divorce encompasses so many areas of law that it can often be staggering. A good attorney will make sure that each area is covered and that statutes are satisfied. The best attorney will be cognizant of future issues and will be looking to make sure that you're taken care of long after their work is done. Your attorney should consider the ramifications of the language that will be ordered in a decree by the court. You should expect that they will explain to you possible consequences and issues that may arise down the road. You should expect your attorney to speak frankly to you about any issues which may be a mistake.

If you attorney is abiding by these steps, you should feel confident that you have an excellent attorney at your side. Here at Solon Law, our passion is not only to win, but to make sure that our clients feel valued and protected. See what our clients have said and how we follow these steps above here. 


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